In developing countries, children with hearing loss and deafness rarely receive any schooling. Adults with hearing loss also have a much higher unemployment rate. Among those who are employed, a higher percentage of people with hearing loss are in the lower grades of employment compared with the general workforce.

Improving access to education and vocational rehabilitation services, and raising awareness especially among employers about the needs of people with hearing loss, will decrease unemployment rates for people with hearing loss.

The very high tech hearing aids are expensive for most of the people in developing as well as developed world.
Our aim is to find cheaper alternatives and encourage everyone to talk to ours if you have any ideas on how to do it.

  • Currently we are trying to recuperate old smart mobile phones which will be converted in to hearing aids. So if you would like to help us, please donate your old mobile phones even if the are out dated or not working probably. As long as the screens , microphone and audio jacks work, we can use them.
  • As well we request you to kindly donate any old hearing aids that you might have. We will send them to Philippines where they will be adjusted and fitted to those who need it.

This will help all those who have lost their hearing and could be suffering :
– Job losses
– Unable to get a job
– Socio-emotional barriers as they cannot participate in conversations
– Accidents

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